As well as our Colorbond® Steel Fencing range benefits, our Lattice Colorbond® Fence has the added feature of a stylish lattice top allowing breezes to flow through while still offering privacy.

This is one of our most popular fences as it has all the benefits of a Colorbond fence with the added design elements of the Lattice Panel. Make a statement in your neighbourhood with a boundary fence that’s a bit fancy.


To complete your Colorbond® Steel Fencing project you will need to choose relevant products from the categories below. To view products click the category links below and order your Colorbond® Steel Fencing Components. You can also use the Filters drop down to search through the products.



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  • Colorbond Lattice DIY Gate 1720 x 1500mm

    Product Code: LA1715^^^
    AUD $372.11
  • Colorbond Lattice DIY Gate 1720 x 1800mm

    Product Code: LA1718^^^
    AUD $377.92
  • Colorbond Lattice DIY Gate 1720 x 2100mm

    Product Code: LA1721^^^
    AUD $453.73
  • Colorbond Lattice Panel 2400 x 1500mm

    Product Code: LA2415^^^
    AUD $125.43
  • Colorbond Lattice Panel 2400 x 1800mm

    Product Code: LA2418^^^
    AUD $136.59
  • Colorbond Lattice Panel 2400 x 2100mm

    Product Code: LA2421^^^
    AUD $147.76
  • Colorbond Lattice Panel 3180 x 1500mm

    Product Code: LA3115^^^
    AUD $165.69
  • Colorbond Lattice Panel 3180 x 1800mm

    Product Code: LA3118^^^
    AUD $179.99
  • Colorbond Lattice Panel 3180 x 2100mm

    Product Code: LA3121^^^
    AUD $194.07
  • Colorbond Lattice DIY Gate 930 x 1500mm

    Product Code: LA9315^^^
    AUD $338.91
  • Colorbond Lattice DIY Gate 930 x 1800mm

    Product Code: LA9318^^^
    AUD $341.81
  • Colorbond Lattice DIY Gate 930 x 2100mm

    Product Code: LA9321^^^
    AUD $414.72



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Specification Sheet
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Site Plan

Site Plan
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Site Plan

Colour Chart
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Product Information

Coloursmart In Fill Sheet Profile Options


Sawtooth Profile

0.35mm Base Metal Thickness
Our unique Sawtooth/Zigzag Profile ensures your fence looks great from both sides.

Trimline Profile

0.35mm Base Metal Thickness
We are now rolling the traditional Trimline Colorbond® Steel Fencing profile.

Our Univeral Channel Posts & Rails


Sawtooth Profile

0.8mm Base Metal Thickness

Trimline Profile

0.8mm Base Metal Thickness

Australian Made for Australian Conditions

Oxworks manufacture using only BlueScope Colorbond Steel made in Australia. Unlike some fencing manufacturers, we do not use cheap imported painted steel unproven in the harsh Australian conditions. When comparing other fences, be sure to check you are receiving genuine Colorbond Steel.


Tested… then Tested again under the harsh Australian Sun

Our ColourSmart Colorbond Fences are designed to Australian Standards, with engineering and wind testing to Australian wind loading standards. Steel thicknesses for our Colorbond Fencing range are as follows:

Posts & Rails 0.8mm BMT (base metal thickness)

Infill Sheets 0.35mm BMT (base metal thickness)

The base metal is finished with Super Polyester pre-painted coating technology to ensure your fence looks fantastic for many years.

Meets Aus Standards AS1397 & AS2728 for coated mass & Paint film thickness

Modern, Designer and Contemporary Colours

Whether your block is level or sloping, you can still build a great looking fence as ColourSmart Colorbond Fence panels can be stepped or raked to follow the contours of the ground.

Unlike Timber Paling Fences, our popular ‘sawtooth’ profile infill sheet (pictured below) looks the same from both sides so both you and your neighbour will love the end result (nobody gets the bad side).

Colorbond® Fencing won’t rot, warp or twist, and doesn’t need painting, making it an affordable low maintenance fencing solution.

Maintenance & Warranty

ColourSmart Colorbond Fencing requires minimal ongoing maintenance to look great. We recommend you hose the fence every 6 months to remove environmental debris. Colorbond Steel is not affected by warping, rotting or termites, and is non-combustible which makes it ideal in bushfire zones.

Your ColourSmart Colorbond Fence is covered by extensive Warranties for your peace of mind. Not only do you receive the Oxworks 10 Year Warranty which extends to our entire range, you also receive the Colorbond Steel for Fencing Warranty provided by BlueScope.

View Warranty Details

DIY Guide

Site Plan & Ordering

  1. Decide on fence position and measurements of panels & posts by creating a mud map of your site.
  2. Following the above Materials Checklist, calculate how many of each component you require
  3. Contact any one of our stores to complete your order. Most items are available in stock

String Line & Post Holes

  1. Set Stringline along the desired line of the fence, close to the ground
  2. Measure out all holes, starting with the gate post holes
  3. Dig post holes along string line 600mm deep x 250mm in diameter
  4. Posts will sit approximately 500mm into the post holes

Install Posts

  1. Ensure post centres are accurate – see below diagram
  2. Screw posts back to back, place them in post holes and concrete them in, ensuring they are level and flush along the stringline

Coloursmart DIY Install Post

Coloursmart In Ground Install

In Fill Sheets

  1. Insert the bottom rail into the post channels and screw through each side of the post channel to secure it along the bottom level of your fence line
  2. Place sheets into the channel posts and bottom rail ensuring they overlap evenly and lock in to place
  3. Place the top rail over the top of sheets and screw through each side of the channel post to secure


Install Gate(s)

  • Gates assembly: See below diagram
  • Attach hinge & latch components of the Gate Kit to Gate as per instructions
  • Attach hinge & latch components of the Gate Kit to the 50 x 50 Steel Gate Posts as per instructions