Spartan Illuminated Spigot

Bring your glass pool fencing or glass balustrade to life with the innovative patented Spartan Spigot lighting system. With 16 colours to choose from you can set the mood as your glass fencing is lit up from below creating a stunning feature!

  • A combination of a patented designed spigot, LED lighting kit and low iron glass are required to create the illumination effect (all sold separately).
  • 2205 stainless steel
  • NATA Certified – Compliant to all relevant Australian Standards
  • Base Plated/Surface Mount spigot (square).
  • Includes Raised Cover Ring
  • Available in Matt Black or Polished stainless steel.
  • Earthing point located on the base of every spigot.
  • LED lighting can be replaced without removing the spigot.
  • RGB controller gives you sixteen different light colours and three mode setting options.
  • Spare parts are available (LED replacement lights and RGB controller sold separately)

Please note: Ideal for installation on Timber Decks. Low Iron Glass is required to capture the full effect of the Spartan Illuminated Spigot system. Oxworks can supply custom ordered Low Iron Glass. See product Info below for more details.

Product Code
Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 95 × 95 × 162 mm



Product Information



  • 1.45KG – Weight (exc. cover plate)
  • 162mm – Height
  • 95x95mm – Base Plate
  • 11.5mm – Mounting Points
  • 12mm (MAX) – Glass Capacity
  • Designed in Australia.

Nata Tested for peace of mind

Illuminated Balustrade’s Spartan Spigots have been certified by an independent NATA accredited facility for Balustrade & Pool compliance

12mm Low Iron, Toughened Glass Panels

Low Iron Glass is a high grade and very clear glass panel designed to really light up when incorporated with the Spartan Spigot

Low Iron glass is manufactured through the same manner as clear float glass however a large percentage of the iron content is removed. Low Iron Glass provides maximum transparency and clarity. Unlike Clear Float Glass that has a green tint to the surface and edges, Low Iron Glass remains clear to the surface and edges and colour transmission from your Spartan Spigot is more accurately achieved.

12mm Low Iron Glass Panels wider than 1350mm are not recommended as the illumination effect is reduced on the wider the panel.

Media & DIY Videos


DIY Video

Lifestyle Video

Lighting Modes


Spigots – Polished

5 years

All Polished spigots come with a 5 year standard warranty. If spigots are located close to salt water and sea air the warranty is 3 years. All spigots require reasonable maintenance and regular cleaning.

Spigots – Matt Black

5 years

All Matt Black spigots come with a 5 year standard warranty. If spigots are located close to salt water and sea air the warranty is 3 years. All spigots require reasonable maintenance and regular cleaning. Like all powder coated products, the colour may fade over time. This is more likely to occur in full sun.

Lighting Kits

12 Months

This covers the LED power supply, RGB 12 watt converter, all leads and cables.

The globes are LED and run on a chip. Spare LED lights are available should a globe burn out, spare LED globes are available for this reason. We also supply spare RGB 12 watt converters and spare RGB controllers (both sold separately) should they get damaged or lost.

Install guides come with every light kit. The QR code on the box can also be scanned by the installer should they wish to watch the install video to ensure correct installation is maintained.

Warranty Conditions

All warranty claims must have the following.
  • Proof of purchase and receipt.
  • No claims will be granted without products being returned to Illuminated Balustrades for examination. Every Illuminated Balustrade product supplied to Oxworks goes through a strict quality control process prior to being packed and shipped.
  • No credit given, it will be a like for like return.
  • No returns will be given after 14 days from invoice date.

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