Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing adds a touch of style, class and value to your home while still offering the highest safety standards for your family.


Oxworks’ Semi-Frameless glass pool fencing is an easy to install, fully compliant and certified modular system. Our system offers a huge variety of choice – allowing you to up date older pool areas or bring together new pool & home developments.

Our large range of modular 10mm Toughened Glass panels allows you to use any combination of sizes to suit your requirements.


For more information on Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing, visit one of our stores; call us from any where in Australia on 1300 336 237; or fill out our free online Quote Request Form.


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100 Series 75 Series Hinges & Latches

Our Toughened Glass

Our toughened glass panels and gates are stamped with the Australian Standards logo for your piece of mind.  All toughened glass panels and gates supplied by Oxworks comply with AS2208 with test certificates are available for your certifier if required. Pool Fencing is a safety product and we guarantee you will only receive Grade A Toughened Safety Glass for your project.


Our Glazing Posts

fencing product

Our Semi-Frameless Glass Posts are manufactured from 6063 T6 Aluminium and Powder Coated for superior strength and corrosion resistance properties. As the glazing posts are in close vicinity to a high chlorine and salt water environment, you should insist on Oxworks Aluminium Glass Posts for your pool area to ensure longer life and structural integrity.

Download : : Oxworks Powder Coating Colours

Our Glass Post Range is available in a 50 x 50mm square profile with inground, core-drilled and base-plated options.

Download : : Semi-Frameless Glazing Posts


Our Glass Gates

We offer a choice of 3 different gate sizes for semi-frameless glass pool fencing. Our range of glass gates are 8mm Grade A Toughened Glass with stainless steel spring hinges and spring hinge panels to suit.

Download : : Semi-Frameless 8mm Glass Gate


Our Gate Hardware

fencing product

We stock a full range of gate hardware to complement our entire glass pool fencing range. Our latches are manufactured by D&D Technologies, home of the iconic Magna Latch range.  The Magna Latch can be key locked and is tested for more than 10,000 cycles, making it the safest latch available.

Download : : Semi-Frameless Glass Gate Fittings

Download : : Semi-Frameless Glass – Standard Hinge and Latch Setups


Our Retaining Wall Panels – In Stock

We stock a range of retaining wall panels for pool surrounds where there is a change in level due to retaining walls. Panels are 1200mm wide and cater for changes in levels up to 600mm in height.  These panels are considerably more cost effective than custom locally sourced panels and are available ex stock so you can complete your project with no delays.

12mm Glass Retaining Wall Panels


Please note: Due to the height of these panels they are only available in 12mm Toughened Glass, you will therefore require 12mm Glazing Rubber instead of 10mm.

Download : : 12mm Glass Retaining Wall Panels



All of our glass panels and gates are fully packaged in cardboard boxes with corner protection for safe and easy handling.  Whilst toughened glass is very robust, it is susceptible to chips or breakage during handling and transport to site.  Oxworks is the only glass fencing supplier who fully package each piece of glass to ensure your order is transported safely and securely.  We regularly ship glass fencing and components all over Australia and are the experts at ensuring your order arrives in perfect condition.


Easy to Install DIY Project

Our glass pool fencing range is modular in design and very simple to install.   With proper preparation, most pool fences can be installed in a matter of hours.  We provide a full DIY Installation Guide with step by step instructions on how to measure, set out and install your fence with handy trade tips to ensure you successfully complete the project.  You can also ring us anytime for professional guidance and technical advice if required.  Send us a dimensioned ‘mud map’ of your pool area and we can work out everything you need to build your compliant pool fence.

Download : : Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing DIY Guide

Download : : Standard Magna Latch Installation

Download : : Standard Hinge Installation

Download : : Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing Site Plan & Example


Compliance to AS1926.1 (2012)

All swimming pool fences are a safety product, and must be manufactured and installed to comply with AS1926.1 (2012).  Oxworks issue compliance certificates with supporting test reports with every job.  These are required by the certifier who does the final inspection on your new pool or home.  Beware of cheap, internet specials advertising pool fencing and spigots as they generally don’t comply with Australian Standards or have test reports required for your certifier.  Our entire range of pool fencing has been manufactured to exceed AS1926.1 (2012) and independently tested by NATA approved testing laboratories to confirm compliance.  We can provide expert advice on how to ensure your pool fence is fully compliant.

View Pool Fencing and Government Regulations…


Cost of Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Below we have provided some pricing guides for your budgeting purposes.  There are many factors that affect the overall price of the project, including size of the job, number of gates, size of panels used, configuration of fence, site access, change in levels or sloping ground etc, so please use this as a budgeting & comparison guide only.  Oxworks will always provide you with an itemised quote for all components required to complete your project.  Trade pricing and project rates are also available on our entire range.


DIY Project Costs:

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing –> from $99/lineal metre (inc GST)

Standard Gate and Hardware –> from $199 ea (inc GST)


Glass Design and Tolerances

Surface treatments

Toughened glass cannot be drilled or edge-worked in any manner. Surface treatments including sand blasting should be carried out prior to toughening.


Bowing Allowances – Flatness

Very slight distortion or bowing may occur after toughening but is largely controllable. It will vary with substance, size and shape of the glass. Flatness is measured when the glass is standing on edge, a straight edge placed along the length of the panel and a wedge measurement taken at the centre position. It is to be determined by adherence to requirements for substrates in accordance with AS/NZS2208:1996 & AS/NZS 4667:2000.

Nominal Thickness: 8, 10, 12mm

Annealed Float, Heat Strengthened & Toughened Glass: 1mm every 400mm (5mm Maximum)


Visual distortion

The furnacing of glass panels can produce slight corrugated distortion or roller waves. This visual effect is in the form of distortion bands 250–300mm apart. It is more noticeable in tinted and reflective toughened glass. Less visual distortion is evident with a heat strengthened glass.


Quench pattern

During the toughening process, glass goes through a quenching phase where it is rapidly cooled by high velocity blasts of air. This process may result in the occasional appearance of a strain pattern or darkish shadows due to slightly higher levels of compression adjacent to the air nozzles. Typically, the “quench pattern” is only visible when wearing polarised sunglasses or by viewing the glass from the inside at acute angles. The confirmed observation of this optical phenomenon is a positive indicator the glass has been thermally treated and is not considered a defect.


Plastic Wrap/Packaging

To ensure safe delivery and transport, we use protective packaging on all of our toughened glass. We recommend keeping your packaged glass dry and for any plastic wrap to be removed no later than two weeks after exposure to sunlight.



Most often, breakage is usually due to incorrect handling, surface damage or excessive loading on toughened glass. However, on very rare occasions, toughened glass can break for what seems to be no apparent reason. A variety of contaminants in the raw stock can lead to problems either during or subsequent to the toughening process.


Nickel Sulphide

Microscopic nickel sulphide stones are a rare, undetectable contaminant in raw glass stock. The heating and rapid surface cooling processes of glass toughening is believed to change NiS stones from a stable to unstable state. Heat soaking is a method used to lower the chances of spontaneous breakage.

Heat soaking

Heat soaking involves heating toughened glass in a special oven at temperatures close to 280ºC to 290ºC for several hours to induce breakages that may be caused by inclusions or contaminants in the glass. However heat soaking does not guarantee detection of all inclusions or contaminants that may lead to spontaneous breakages.



Any one of our experienced staff can help answer any questions you have regarding the Oxworks Pool Fencing range. Contact us for more information.


Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing Material Checklist


Download : : Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing – 100 Series

Download : : Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing – 75 Series


10mm Toughened Glass Panel Sizes

FR0625 625 x 1200mm 640 – 650mm 19kg
FR0675 675 x 1200mm 690 – 700mm 20kg
FR0725 725 x 1200mm 740 – 750mm 22kg
FR0775 775 x 1200mm 790 – 800mm 23kg
FR0825 825 x 1200mm 840 – 850mm 25kg
FR0875 875 x 1200mm 890 – 900mm 26kg
FR0925 925 x 1200mm 940 – 950mm 28kg
FR0975 975 x 1200mm 990 – 1000mm 29kg
FR1025 1025 x 1200mm 1040 – 1050mm 31kg
FR1075 1075 x 1200mm 1090 – 1100mm 32kg
FR1125 1125 x 1200mm 1140 – 1150mm 34kg
FR1175 1175 x 1200mm 1190 – 1200mm 35kg
FR1225 1225 x 1200mm 1240 – 1250mm 37kg
FR1275 1275 x 1200mm 1290 – 1300mm 38kg
FR1325 1325 x 1200mm 1340 – 1350mm 40kg
FR1375 1375 x 1200mm 1390 – 1400mm 41kg
FR1425 1425 x 1200mm 1440 – 1450mm 43kg
FR1475 1475 x 1200mm 1490 – 1500mm 45kg
FR1525 1525 x 1200mm 1540 -1550mm 46kg
FR1575 1575 x 1200mm 1590 – 1600mm 48kg
FR1625 1625 x 1200mm 1640 – 1650mm 49kg
FR1675 1675 x 1200mm 1690 – 1700mm 51kg
FR1775 1775 x 1200mm 1790 – 1800mm 53kg
FR1875 1875 x 1200mm 1890 – 1900mm 56kg
FR1975 1975 x 1200mm 1990 – 2000mm 59kg

12mm Glass Retaining Wall Panel Sizes

FG4130 1200 x 1300/1200mm
FG4140 1200 x 1400/1200mm
FG4150 1200 x 1500/1200mm
FG4160 1200 x 1600/1200mm
FG4170 1200 x 1700/1200mm
FG4180 1200 x 1800/1200mm


Semi-Frameless 8mm Glass Gate Sizes

FR8000 8mm Glass Gate – 800 x 1200mm
FR8500 8mm Glass Gate – 850 x 1200mm
FR9000 8mm Glass Gate – 900 x 1200mm


Semi-Frameless Square Glass Posts

glass posts

Base Plated / Flanged Posts

50 x 50 x 1250mm – 1 Way 50 x 50 x 1250mm – 2 Way 50 x 50 x 1250mm – Corner 50 x 50 x 1250mm – 135 Degrees
CODE: GP1201^ CODE: GP1202^ CODE: GP1203^ CODE: GP1204^

Core Drilled Posts

50 x 50 x 1400mm – 1 Way 50 x 50 x 1400mm – 2 Way 50 x 50 x 1400mm – Corner 50 x 50 x 1400mm – 135 Degrees
CODE: GP2401^ CODE: GP2402^ CODE: GP2403^ CODE: GP2404^
50 x 25 x 1400mm – Half
CODE: GP2405^

In-Ground Posts

50 x 50 x 1800mm – 1 Way 50 x 50 x 1800mm – 2 Way 50 x 50 x 1800mm – Corner 50 x 50 x 1800mm – 135 Degrees
CODE: GP2801^ CODE: GP2802^ CODE: GP2803^ CODE: GP2804^
50 x 25 x 1800mm – Half
CODE: GP2805^

Glazing Post Accessories

10mm GP Glazing Post Rubber & Grommet Kit 12mm Captive Wedge Rubber (200m / 1250mm) 10mm Roll in Wedge Rubber (200m / 1250mm) Glass Seating Grommet
CODE: GP9910 CODE: GP9901/GP9903 CODE: GP9905/GP9906 CODE: FR9550


Semi-Frameless Gate Kits

FR9967 Semi-Frameless Gate Kit – Square Post
INCLUDES: Pair of Stainless Steel Self Closing Hinges (FR5010), Magna Latch Side Pull w/ Powdercoated Gate Stop (FR5035), Certi Cap w/ all fixings


FR9966 Semi-Frameless Gate Kit – Stile to Stile
INCLUDES: Pair of Stainless Steel Self Closing Hinges (FR5005), Magna Latch Side Pull w/ Powdercoated Gate Stop (FR5025), Batwing Gate Stop (FR5050) Certi Cap w/ all fixings


Semi-Frameless Glass Gate Accessories

FR5025 Magna Latch Side Pull – Standard
FR5030 Magna Latch Side Pull – Lockable
FR5035 Magna Latch Side Pull – With Stop
FR5040 Magna Latch Side Pull – With Stop Lockable
FR5050 Semi-Frameless Gate Stop – Batwing
FR7910** Glass Square Gate Stile – 1200mm
FR5005 Glass Gate Hinge – Square Post
FR5010 Glass Gate Hinge – Stiles
FR7920** Square Glass Post Cap – 50 x 50 – Internal Fit
FR9510** 75 Series Internal Fit Post Cap – 1 Way
FR9520** 75 Series Internal Fit Post Cap – 2 Way
FR9530** 75 Series Internal Fit Post Cap – Corner
FR7960** Square Post Raised Cover Ring
FR7940** Square Post Flat Cover Ring
FR6880 Screw Countersunk Stainless – 12G x 50
FR5060 Bostik Flowfill Grout – 20Kg Bag
FR5055 Epirez Instant Grout – 15Kg Bucket
HW5510 Rapid Set Concrete – 20Kg  Bag
FR3390 Stainless Steel Timber Fixing – M8 x 75
FR3395 Stainless Steel Concrete Fixing – M8 x 75
HW5520 Resuscitation Sign
FR9920 Nanocoat (100ml)


Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing Material Checklist


Site Plan & Ordering

  • Decide on your balustrade position and measurements of panels & posts by creating a mud map of your site.
  • Following the above Materials Checklist, calculate how many of each component you require remembering the modular nature of semi-frameless glass
  • Contact any one of our stores to complete your order. Most products are available in stock

String Line & Post Holes

  • Set Stringline along the desired line of the balustrade, keeping close to the ground
  • Measure out all holes, mark out post core hole positions or screw positions, depending on the post type you are using


Install Posts

  • Ensure post hole centres are accurate according to the below top view diagram
  • Ensure posts are flush and level along stringline then fix in place using the appropriate method to suit your post type
  • Ensure the top of the Snap-In-Channels are no more than 90mm above ground level
  • If you are using post cover rings, place them over the posts

Install Panels


  • Place Seating Grommets on top of snap in – Seating Grommets and Glazing rubber are found in the Panel Glazing Kit
  • Carefully slide Glass panel into post channels, resting it on the Seating Grommets
  • Set glass into place using Glazing Rubber on each side and each face of the panel – you can use a mild detergent to lubricate the rubber and push it tightly into place

Install Gate(s)

  • Attach hinge & latch components of the Semi-Frameless Gate Kit to 8mm Glass Gate as per instructions
  • Attach hinge & latch components of the Semi-Frameless Gate Kit to the Glazing posts as per instructions
  • Ensure the gate self closes automatically using tension pin to adjust spring

Download : : Standard Magna Latch Installation

Download : : Standard Hinge Installation