Aluminium Pool Fencing

Oxworks’ extensive range of Aluminium Pool Fencing has brought style, colour and safety to thousands of homes throughout Australia.

Our New Homesafe Range of Aluminium Tubular Pool Fencing comes in a huge range of On-Trend Colours to suit any style.

Our Flat Top Range is available in stock in all 10 Colours, in all stores.

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flat top
flat top

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Our Powder Coated Aluminium Panels & Gates

Aluminium Pool Fencing Styles

Our tough, rust free aluminium panels, gates and posts are made from 6063 T6 aluminium and designed specifically for pool surrounds.  Rails are 38 x 25mm with 16mm pickets passing through the rails and welded in 6 points.  Panels are manufactured to 1200mm high to comply with AS1926.1(2012).  Panel widths are 2400mm and 3000mm or we can manufacture to size if required.  Gates have a standard width of 970mm to suit a 1000mm opening, or we can manufacture to size to suit your opening.  We stock a range of popular colours or you can choose from the Interpon Powder Coating Colour Chart.


Our Aluminium Posts

fencing product

Our Aluminium Posts are manufactured from 6063 T6 Aluminium and Powder Coated for superior strength and corrosion resistance properties.   As the posts are in close vicinity to a high chlorine and salt water environment, you should insist on aluminium Posts for your pool area to ensure longer life and structural integrity. Our Aluminium Post Range is available in a 50*50mm square profile with inground, core-drilled and base-plated options.

Download : : Aluminium Pool Fencing Posts


Our Gate Hardware

fencing product

We stock a full range of gate hardware to complement our entire aluminium tubular pool fencing range. Our hinges and latches are manufactured by D&D Technologies, home of the iconic MagnaLatch range.  The MagnaLatch can be key locked and is tested for more than 10,000 cycles, making it the safest latch available.

Download : : Magna Latch & Hinge Details

Download : : Magna Latch Installation



Our Retaining Wall & Raked Panels

Not all pool areas are level, so you may need raked panels to suit sloping ground; or custom panels to suit changes in level via retaining walls.  We manufacture these panels to suit your project and ensure they comply with the relevant pool standards. These panels are easy to measure using our templates.  AutoCAD drawings are provided so you can check all dimensions to ensure accuracy.


Download : : Aluminium Raked & Retaining Wall Panel Guide

Download : : AS1926-1 – Oxworks Raked Panel Explanation

This document explains how much you can rake a panel to ensure it still complies with AS1926.1 (2012) Australian Pool Safety Standards



Raked Panels designed to suit sloping ground


Retaining Wall Panels to ensure Pool Compliance over stepping ground

Retaining Wall Panels to ensure Pool Compliance over stepping ground



All of our aluminium tubular panels, gates, posts and fittings are fully packaged for safe and easy handling.  Whilst powder coated aluminium is very robust, it is susceptible to scratching or denting during handling and transport to site.  Oxworks is highly experienced in packaging our products to ensure your order is transported safely and securely.  We regularly ship fencing and components all over Australia and are the experts at ensuring your order arrives in perfect condition.


Easy to Install DIY Project

Our aluminium tubular pool fencing range is modular in design and very simple to install.   With proper preparation, most pool fences can be installed in a matter of hours.  We provide a full DIY Installation Guide with step by step instructions on how to measure, set out and install your fence with handy trade tips to ensure you successfully complete the project.  You can also ring us anytime for professional guidance and technical advice if required.  Send us a dimensioned ‘mud map’ of your pool area and we can work out everything you need to build your compliant pool fence.

Download : : Aluminium Pool Fencing DIY Guide

Download : : Magna Latch Installation

Download : : Aluminium Pool Fencing Site Plan & Example


Compliance to AS1926.1 (2012)

All swimming pool fences are a safety product, and must be manufactured and installed to comply with AS1926.1 (2012).  Oxworks issue compliance certificates with supporting test reports with every job.  These are required by the certifier who does the final inspection on your new pool or home.  Beware of cheap, internet specials advertising pool fencing and spigots as they generally don’t comply with Australian Standards or have test reports required for your certifier.  Our entire range of pool fencing has been manufactured to exceed AS1926.1 (2012) and independently tested by NATA approved testing laboratories to confirm compliance.  We can provide expert advice on how to ensure your pool fence is fully compliant.

View Pool Fencing and Government Regulations…


Cost of Aluminium Pool Fencing

Below we have provided some pricing guides for your budgeting purposes.  There are many factors that affect the overall price of the project, including size of the job, number of gates, size of panels used, configuration of fence, site access, change in levels or sloping ground etc, so please use this as a budgeting & comparison guide only.  Oxworks will always provide you with an itemised quote for all components required to complete your project.  Trade pricing and project rates are also available on our entire range.


DIY Project Costs:

Aluminium Tubular Pool Fencing –> from $55/lineal metre (inc GST)

Standard Gate and Hardware –> from $179 ea (inc GST)



We take the quality of our products seriously…We manufacture our products properly, using quality raw materials, and we don’t take any shortcuts.  Our comprehensive product testing enables us to offer a 10 year structural warranty throughout Australia. This warranty covers the structural integrity of your complete fence, gate, screen or balustrade and is your guarantee that our products will remain standing for years to come.

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Any one of our experienced staff can help answer any questions you have regarding the Oxworks Pool Fencing range. Contact us for more information.

Aluminium Pool Fencing material checklist

: : Download Aluminium Pool Fencing Systems Specifications


Flat Top Aluminium Pool Panels & Gates

HS1000** Flat Top Panel 2400 x 1200mm
HS1030** Flat Top Panel 3000 x 1200mm
HS1100** Flat Top Gate 970 x 1200mm
HS1200** Flat Top Gate 1475 x 1200mm


Loop Top Aluminium Pool Panels & Gates

HS2000** Loop Top Panel 2400 x 1200mm
HS2030** Loop Top Panel 3000 x 1200mm
HS2100** Loop Top Gate 970 x 1200mm
HS2200** Loop Top Gate 1475 x 1200mm

Picket Aluminium Pool Panels & Gates

HS3000** Picket Panel 2400 x 1200mm
HS3030** Picket Panel 3000 x 1200mm
HS3100** Picket Gate 970 x 1200mm
HS3200** Picket Gate 1475 x 1200mm

Eumundi Aluminium Pool Panels & Gates

HS4000** Eumundi (DTR) Panel 2400 x 1200mm
HS4030** Eumundi (DTR) Panel 3000 x 1200mm
HS4100** Eumundi (DTR) Gate 970 x 1200mm
HS4200** Eumundi (DTR) Gate 1475 x 1200mm


HW9900 Pool Gate Kit 1 x Magna-Latch and KwikFit Self Closing Hinges
HW2010 D & D Tech Kwik Fit Self Closing Hinge
HW2020 D & D Tech Tru Close Self Closing Hinge – 25kg
HW2030 D & D Tech Tru Close Self Closing Hinge – 60kg
HW3000 D & D Tech Magna-Latch



HS7100** Fence Post + Cap 50 x 50 x 1800mm
HS7200** Fence Latch Post + Cap 50 x 50 x 2100mm
AP5024** Fence Post + Cap 50 x 50 x 2400mm
HS7300** Flanged Fence Post + Cap 50 x 50 x 1300mm
HS7400** Flanged Fence Post + Cap 50 x 50 x 1600mm
HS7500BL Flanged Fence Post + Cap 50 x 50 x 1900mm



HS8000** Fence Brackets 4 Pack (inc. 12 Self-Tapping Tek Screws) 38 x 25mm
HS8100** Standard Fence Bracket 38 x 25mm
HW1050** Raked Fence Bracket 38 x 25mm
HW1060** Brick Fence Bracket 38 x 25mm
HW5100** Self-Tapping Tek Screw 12-14 x 20mm
HW5110 Type 17 Timber Screw (Zinc) 12 x 25mm
HW5145 Galvanised DynaBolt 10 x 75mm
HW5255 Nylon Knock In Fastener 6.5 x 40mm


Aluminium Pool Fencing material checklist

Site Plan & Ordering

  • Decide on fence position and measurements of panels & posts by creating a mud map of your site.
  • Following the above Materials Checklist, calculate how many of each component you may require
  • Contact any one of our stores to complete your order. Most items are available in stock

String Line & Post Holes

  • Set Stringline along the desired line of the fence, close to the ground
  • Measure out all holes, starting with the gate post holes
  • Dig post holes along string line 600mm deep x 200mm in diameter
  • Posts will sit approximately 500mm into the post holes

Install Posts

  • Ensure post centres are accurate – see below diagram
  • Ensure posts are flush and level along stringline then pour concrete around posts up to 50mm above ground level and taper away from the post
  • If you are using flanged posts, fix with appropriate concrete or timber fixings


Aluminium Pool Fencing Panel Span

Install Panels

  • Attach panels to posts using Panel Brackets & Self Tapping Tek Screws
  • 2 Rail panel styles require 4 brackets
  • 3 Rail panel styles require 6 brackets
  • Ensure the bottom of panels are no more than 100mm off the ground at any point
  • Recommended height off the ground is 50-80mm

Install Gate(s)

  • Attach hinge & latch components of Gate Kit to gate as per instructions
  • Attach hinge & latch components of Gate Kit to posts as per instructions
  • Ensure the pool gate opens away from the pool area & Latch knob is 1500mm above the level of the ground to comply with pool safety regulations
  • Tap on Post caps with soft end mallet


For more information on choosing Aluminium Pool Fencing, visit one of our stores; call us from any where in Australia on 1300 336 237; or fill out our free online Quote Request Form.