Pre-Fabricated Slat Privacy Screens

Oxworks’ Pre-Fabricated Aluminium Slat system is an innovative slat privacy screen solution offering the latest in low maintenance and architectural elegance.


Our clever design combines 65 x 16mm or 90 x 16mm Slats with CNC Routed side posts and “C” and “F” style fixing channels, making it quick and easy to install.

This system comes assembled to your specifications. You choose the height, width, slat spacings and slat dimensions and we will manufacture your panels to suit. We can also fabricate Pedestrian, Double Swing and Sliding Entry Gates to match.

Our Aluminium Slats are available in all Interpon Powder Coating colours.


For more information on Aluminium Slat Privacy Screens, visit one of our stores; call us from any where in Australia on 1300 336 237; or fill out our free online Quote Request Form.


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Projects and Suitable Uses

Our Aluminium Slat Privacy Screens can be utilised for a wide variety of projects.  You can set the spaces between slats to control the amount of privacy and airflow you require.  Common uses include:


Side of House Security


Secure your home with long lasting, low maintenance panels and pedestrian gates.


Brick Infills


Finish off your home’s façade with stylish and modern slat pier infills.


Entry Gates


Slat Sliding, Double Swing & Pedestrian gates offer security and privacy while looking great. You can easily create a pedestrian gate using this system or we can fabricate the Pedestrian, Double Swing and Sliding Entry Gates to suit.


Window Hoods


Custom Window Hood panels offer privacy while still letting in light & breezes.

Download : : Pre-Fabricated Window Hoods Specifications


Utilities Covers

Cover up unsightly air conditioning units, pool pumps, gas bottles & bin enclosures.

Download : : Pre-Fabricated Free Standing Specifications


Patio & Deck Screens


Create a modern entertaining area while adding privacy and security.

Download : : Pre-Fabricated Pier Infills Specifications


Carport Enclosures


Our DIY & Pre-fabricated slat systems can be used to secure your carport or patio area.

Download : : Pre-Fabricated Free Standing Specifications


Lockable Storage


Keep messy items out of view and valuable tools and machinery out of harms way.

Download : : Pre-Fabricated Free Standing Specifications


Custom Design


Custom panels and screens are also available on request.

Our Pre-Fabricated Aluminium Slat Privacy Screens

Our Aluminium Slat Privacy Screens are manufactured from 6063 T6 Aluminium and Powder Coated using Interpon Powder Coating for superior strength and corrosion resistance.  Unlike timber screens, aluminium slat screens won’t rot, warp or require constant painting and maintenance, making it a long term and very cost effective solution.

You can choose from 3 different sizes of slats; 40 x 16mm, 65 x 16mm and 90 x 16mm.

Panels are fabricated using CNC routed 32 x 32mm aluminium sides with concealed fixings.  They can then be attached using either a C or F Channel for easy installation.

Pedestrian Gates, Swing Gates and Sliding Gates can be to your requirements.


Powder Coating Colours

Our Aluminium Slat Privacy Screens can be powder coated to any colour in the Interpon Powder Coating Range.  Our fabricated slat screen panels and gates are made to order with a production lead time of 5-7 working days.

Download : : Oxworks Powder Coating Colours


Projects and Suitable Uses

Our Aluminium Slat Privacy Screens can be utilised for a wide variety of projects.  You can set the spaces between slats to control the amount of privacy and airflow you require.  Common uses include:

  • Infills for brick pier fences
  • Privacy screens & gates to enclose between the house and side fence
  • Privacy or feature screens on patios, balconies and carports
  • Screens to hide utilities such as wheelie bins, gas bottles, air conditioning units, water tanks etc
  • Feature sun screens on houses, townhouses and commercial buildings
  • Window screens for privacy and sun protection



Aluminium Slat Privacy Screens are fully packaged for safe and easy handling. Whilst powder coated aluminium is very robust, it is susceptible to scratching or denting during handling and transport to site. Oxworks is highly experienced in correctly packaging your order to ensure your order is transported safely and securely. We regularly aluminium slat privacy screens and components all over Australia and are the experts at ensuring your order arrives in perfect condition.


Easy to Install DIY Project

Our aluminium slat privacy screen range is designed to be very simple to install. With proper tools and preparation, most slat screens and fences can be installed in a matter of hours. We provide a full DIY Installation Guide with step by step instructions on how to measure, set out and install your fence with handy trade tips to ensure you successfully complete the project. You can also ring us any time for professional guidance and technical advice if required. Send us a dimensioned ‘mud map’ of your project and we can work out everything you need to build your compliant balustrade.

Download : : Aluminium Slat Systems – Pre-Fabricated Specs


Cost of Pre-Fabricated Aluminium Slats and Fencing

There are many factors that affect the overall price of the project, including size of the job, number of gates, size of panels used, configuration of fence, site access, change in levels or sloping ground etc, so please use this as a budgeting & comparison guide only.  Oxworks will always provide you with an itemised quote for all components required to complete your project. Trade pricing and project rates are also available on our entire range.




We take the quality of our products seriously…We manufacture our products properly, using quality raw materials, and we don’t take any shortcuts.  Our comprehensive product testing enables us to offer a 10 year structural warranty throughout Australia. This warranty covers the structural integrity of your complete fence, gate, screen or balustrade and is your guarantee that our products will remain standing for years to come.

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Any one of our experienced staff can help answer any questions you have regarding the Oxworks Aluminium Slat Privacy Screens range. Contact us for more information.