Gate Motors & Automation

Oxworks supply only the most state of the art motors with our major focus on build quality, ease of install, and gate motor suitability to your specific needs.

We have customized of range of Entry gate motors and automation products to suit most residential and commercial scenarios.


Mhouse Gate Motors

We are proud to stock the MHouse Sliding and Swing Gate Motor Range.

Mhouse has created an Italian-styled and manufactured line of products characterised by careful, efficient design. At Mhouse, good design is the basis of their world class quality.

Mhouse’s awareness to achieve the finest results is revealed in every detail of their motors –  cutting-edge technology, high quality materials, & an accurate finish.

As well as great build quality, Oxworks has chosen their range of gate motors due to their ease of install.

MHOUSE Automation Extras – For a full range of MHouse Automation Accessories

For Sliding Gates up to 1400kg that really need a lot of power behind them, we stock the DEA REV Sliding Gate Motor. Italian made, with state of the art technology & great design.

DEA Automation Extras – For a full range of DEA Automation Accessories

Gate Motors & Automation Styles

Sliding Gate Motor Guide

What can affect the Effective Gate Weight of your Sliding Gate?

Most of our Sliding Gate designs tend to physically weigh between 100 and 200kg however the Effective Gate Weight can be affected by numerous factors:


The faster it goes, the greater the load.


The greater the incline, the heavier it is.


Wind force against in-fills adds load.


Timber palings or in-fills absorb water increasing overall weight.


Old, unmaintained hardware can effect the smooth running of a gate which in turn increases its effective weight.


If your track isn’t straight or the motor misaligned then EGW will increase.


Cantilever & Telescopic gates are much harder to get moving then standard Sliding Gates.

Swing Gate Motor Guide

What can affect the Effective Gate Weight of your Swing or Double Gates?

Most of our Swing Gate designs tend to physically weigh between 80 and 160kg per leaf. The Effective Gate Weight can be affected by different factors including:


Gates with solid infill panels or the majority of the surface area made up of “infill” make the gate act like a sail and can put massive force on the motor.


Rusty, misaligned or unlubricated hinges make the motor work harder.


Longer gates gather more momentum and put more strain on the hinges compared to tall narrow gates of the same weight.


The faster you push, the more force is needed.


Automated swing gates using linear drive motors (WG10S/WG20S) puts a lot of force on hinges. Be sure to get our advice on the right Hinge choice for your particular Swing gate.


Red-House-Large MHouse – Setting Sliding Gate Limits

Red-House-Large MHouse – Setting Swing Gate Limits

Red-House-Large MHouse – Connect GTX4 Remote

Red-House-Large MHouse – Delete Remote

Red-House-Large MHouse – Install Photocells

Red-House-Large MHouse – Control Board Basics (Slide & Swing Motors)

Red-House-Large MHouse – Connecting DS1 Keypad

Red-House-Large MHouse – Change PIN on DS1 Keypad

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