Sheds supplied by Oxworks

Oxworks now supplies a full range of Sheds for all storage solutions. The range consists of Yard Saver, StoreMate, Yard Pro and Smart Locker Sheds.

Once you have decided on which shed or storage solution works best for you we have a choice of colours and accessories to maximize your investment.


yard saver


The YardSaver is made from high tensile ribbed steel walls for added security and firmness of the shed to withstand the Australian climate. This shed allows for customers to have a place to store their things when they have limited space.

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StoreMate’s unobstructed dual entry access makes it one of the most versatile storage solutions on the market. Ideal not just for general household storage but the perfect solution for housing the pool pump filtration system, providing an effective and easy to access garbage bin stowaway, a wood box or an affordable, lockable bike shed.

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Yard Pro

The YardPro range comes standard with 2 wide openings, a double door and extra wide single door which means the space can be divided to combine a dedicated workspace with a massive storage shed.

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The Smartlocker range comes standard with full corrugated steel cladding, water guttering and downpipe, with the ability to choose to remove the rear cladding and the guttering system. Built like a garage with lockable roller door access, this product is ideal for customers seeking to store their most valued items – including bikes, kayaks, and tools.

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