Our Methods of Payment for any Orders are:


Cash, Eftpos, Direct Bank Transfer (subject to cleared funds), Visa & Mastercard – (Visa & MasterCard incur a 1.5% Surcharge – effective 3rd September 2019)

Why does Oxworks charge a surcharge on Visa and MasterCards?

Whenever a customer uses their VISA or MasterCard to pay for goods (and associated services), the company is charged a merchant service fee by the banks. OXWORKS incurs substantial costs for these transaction fees. A surcharge is applied so that only those customers who choose to pay by VISA or MasterCard  bare the cost of the merchant fee.

I have a Visa or MasterCard Debit card, do I still get charged the surcharge if I use this to pay my goods?

Yes – even choosing Savings account when using your VISA or MasterCards will incur the surcharge as Oxworks are charged for this also.

If I do not wish to pay the surcharge, how else can I pay for my goods?

OXWORKS provides other payment options as listed on your Sales Quotations, Sales Trade Orders and Invoices; these options include Cash, EFTPOS and Direct Bank Transfer. Sorry, no cheques.