Our Methods of Payment for any Orders are:


Cash, Eftpos, Direct Debit Transfer, Visa Credit Card, Mastercard – Credit Cards incur a 1.5% Surcharge

Why does Oxworks charge a credit card surcharge?

Whenever a customer uses their credit card to pay for goods (and associated services), the company is charged a merchant service fee by the banks. OXWORKS incurs substantial costs for these transaction fees. A credit card surcharge is applied so that only those customers who choose to pay by credit card bare the cost of the merchant fee.

I have a Visa Debit card, do I still get charged the surcharge if I use this to pay my goods?

If you select “credit” when using your Visa Debit card you will be charged the surcharge, however, if you choose “savings” you will not be charged the surcharge.

If I do not wish to pay the credit card surcharge how else can I pay for my goods?

OXWORKS provides other payment options as listed on your Sales Quotations, Sales Trade Orders and Invoices; these options include Cash, EFTPOS and Direct Debit. Sorry, no cheques.