How does it work?

How does it work?

From the day you join the Oxworks family you will be supported by lead generation, sales and business management systems that we’ve refined over more than 16 years in the industry.

Franchisees are allocated an exclusive
territory which means you won’t be competing with any other Oxworks franchisees for work. Territories are defined using residential, development and population data to ensure every franchisee has the opportunity for success and growth

All bookings, quotes, orders and deliveries are managed via our purpose built, centralized systems ensuring greater efficiencies for our franchisees. This means you can spend more time ensuring your customer’s quotes and installs go as smoothly as possible.

Oxworks franchisees source their materials directly from Oxworks via our own custom built manufacturing facility with most products in stock and on the shelves ensuring quick delivery and project completion times.

Marketing Support

You’ll also receive Local Area Marketing support to help you promote your franchise including flyers, promotional items, site signage and business cards, not to mention your fully branded vehicle will and Oxworks uniforms working for you everyday.

On the national stage you’ll be backed by our brand marketing strategy which features Google AdWords, television and radio campaigns, state of the art website & digital tools, social media activity and trade show promotions – all generating leads to be shared by our franchisees.

Oxworks franchisees are supported by sales, marketing & business systems that we’ve refined over more than 16 years in the industry.

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