5 Reasons to Choose Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing creates the ultimate feeling of class and luxury for any pool area. You’ll never see a 5 star resort or a Beverly Hills mansion with any other kind of pool fencing – so why should you settle for anything less?

However, there are a lot of questions around glass pool fencing from safety to cleanliness and functionality. So our goal is to help you make an informed decision on how to maximise your outdoor living space in functionality, safety and enjoyment.

1. Open up your outdoor entertaining area

Don’t create a prison in your own backyard! Open up your outdoor entertaining area with glass. By choosing glass you’ll be creating the illusion of extra space in your outdoor areas. A glass fence doesn’t automatically block off parts of your space and create barriers. But instead, opens up the space so that you can see the entire area from any view point.

Having a glass pool fence means that when you’ve got the family and friends around everyone will feel included – even the cook stuck at the barbecue can see what’s happening in the pool and won’t feel cut off from the festivities.

And you’ll be able to see when the snags are ready without having to get out of the pool!

2. Pool Safety

Being able to see the pool from all vantage points is a critical factor in pool safety. Glass pool fencing means that when you’re inside or across the yard, you’ll still be getting a clear and unobstructed view of what’s going on in the pool area.

Owning a pool, you know the local government requirements for keeping your pool area safe. Wherever you’re based in Australia, it’s compulsory to have a fence around your pool.

Contrary to popular belief, glass pool fencing is actually a very safe option and meets all the relevant Australian Standards for pool fencing.

Additionally, Oxworks’ glass fencing is the highest quality Grade A toughened 12mm safety glass, stamped with the Australian Standards logo for your piece of mind.

All toughened glass panels & gates supplied by Oxworks comply with AS2208 with test certificates available for your certifier if required.

3. Add a Touch of Opulence

Glass pool fencing is not only completely functional in your outdoor living space but extremely elegant. Both frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing will add a luxurious feel to your outdoor space – and will even increase curb appeal and property value for when or if you decide to sell.

Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fencing

4. Durability

Obviously, glass is a water resistant material, and this means that over time your glass fencing won’t easily rot, corrode or grow mould or be subject to any damage by exposure.

So you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about water or moisture damage. And you’ll save money by avoiding those long-term repairs and replacements that come along with other types of pool fencing.

5. It’s Easier to Keep Clean than you think!

The scariest thing about glass pool fencing is how to keep it clean! Many people compare keeping a glass pool fence clean to that of a shower recess. However that’s not the case and it’s actually much easier than you would think!

You won’t have to worry about any soap scum build up on your glass pool fencing – it will mostly just be dirt that’s being blown up from the wind. So the first place to start is by giving it a hose down reducing a lot of that build up.

For tougher grime on your fence, a simple wash with warm soapy water and a squeegee for a streak-free finish will get the job done. Just make sure that you rinse off any detergent before it dries to avoid remnants!

We also recommend using Nanocoat clear to protect your glass and make it easier to clean. NanoCoat Clear is an invisible glass coating that protects all types of glass. It provides a water repellent, non-stick barrier which prevents glass damage from scale, salt, scum, air pollutants, and other foreign material.

If you’re ready to dive into glass pool fencing, see what we have to offer in the both frameless glass pool fencing and semi-frameless glass pool fencing options. Or give us a call today on 1300 336 237.

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